Monday, 10 June 2013

Bleaching your hair at home. Tips and Advice!

When I was in need of a root touch up!

Hello Lovely Readers,

I've been so busy recently and haven't had time to write a post but I thought I do a quick post on bleaching you hair at home when you can't get to a salon. It's more of a do's and don'ts rather than a step by step. Just quickly before I get into the post I just wanted to mention my new header from that I found out about on a blog called Beautiful Solutions, They have a lot of designs to choose from all are so adorable - you just have to add to it a little. I think this site is amazing for people like me who are hopeless at anything to do with photoshop. I am trying to learn though, very, very slowly! I did add my blogs name using photoshop and it wasn't to bad!

So first things first if you have never had your hair bleached before then I would advise you to go to a salon the first couple of times to get it done and then when its at a desirable colour you can just top your roots up, it could go terribly wrong if you have never done it before. Think orange hair, breakage and chemical burns. This is to advise someone doing their roots!

*Never use 12% 40vol peroxide with bleach on the scalp, its way to strong and not very good for your scalp. 6% 20vol or 9% 30vol should be enough, if your hair doesn't lift light enough with these percentage of peroxide then you probably shouldn't have hair that light.

*If you have a sensitive scalp or are sensitive to bleach try not to wash your hair for a few days beforehand, the sebum build up will create a barrier between your scalp and the product. 

*Get a friend to help you, the front of your hair will be easy to apply but it's not so easy doing the back in the mirror, can get very messy.

*Section hair off like a hot cross bun, taking a part straight down the middle from the forehand to the nape and then across from ear to ear. Take fine sections and work fast! The neater your sections the better your hair will turn out. Use clips to keep hair out of the way!

*Hair is usually darker at the back so do the back section first and then start at the front. 

*Try not to overlap the bleach and only do the roots this isn't easy but hair that is already the desired colour doesn't need more bleach on it. 

*If you do feel like hair is a little yellow then pop in on the ends for the last 5 mins but I don't advise you do this often if you like your hair in good condition. 

*If your hair is any darker than a light brown I suggest you don't try this at home, if you really need to maybe ask your hairdresser what she used and how long you should leave it on for. The lighter your natural hair the easier this will be.

*Never leave bleach on for longer than 50 mins but it can be taken off beforehand. 

*Use purple shampoo to neutralise yellow if necessary!

* Use gloves (obviously).

*Do not scratch no matter how much you want to, it's bad for you scalp! 

*Go to the hair supply shop and buy professional bleach and peroxide, in the long run it will end up being cheaper for you than buying a small box of bleach from a chemist and better quality too. The shop assistant should be able to give you some advise on good products they stock. Scalp bleaches are obviously the best.

*Use a tint brush and bowl.

*Read up on the mixing ratio, it's normal 1 part bleach to 2 parts peroxide for example 30mls bleach to 60mls peroxide but this does vary!

*When you're done, wash your hair throughly twice - three times if you have to but don't be to tough on your scalp it's just been through the wars. Condition with a nice hair mask or thick conditioner. It's important to make sure the hair bleach is completely gone from the hair because it can cause irritation.

*Do not bleach past very pale yellow, bleaching hair to the point that it is white will just make your hair feel like absolute shit basically and nobody wants that!

Bleaching your hair for some including myself is like torture it can be very painful so bare that in mind, although I'm a hair colourist I don't bleach my hair myself because it's a lot of hassle and I get a better result when someone else does it.  Bleaching your hair is one of the worst things you can do to it colouring wise because you are stripping out all of your pigment. I hate using bleach on people even in highlight form because it's just not good for your hair. I know hypocrite right! If used in a certain way you should only cause minimal damage. When bleaching you have to deal with breakage, dryness and unhealthy hair. If you are looking for long shiny thick locks then your probably never going to achieve that with bleached hair. I'm not saying it's impossible I'm just saying it's unlikely. Many people with bleached hair keep it short for this reason. This might come across as quite a negative post but I just want people to be aware of the problems that come with bleaching and having bleached hair. If you are going to bleach you own roots then please ask your hairdresser for some advise because they will know your hair type, most will be willing to advise you if you have a good relationship with them. If you don't feel confident, don't do it! One product I really recommend for bleached hair or any hair really is an argan oil leave in treatment I mention in my May Favourites post you can get it from Amazon.

If you can I do advise you to go to the hairdressers as it's a much safer way but I hope this post helps you if you do chose not to!

If you have any tips for others then pop it in the comments for other readers. Hope some of you found this post helpful! If you wanna see someone bleaching there own hair before you try it theres lots of videos and tutorials on YouTube.

Sam xxx


  1. Hi
    I wondered whether you could advise which brand you use for your powder bleach and peroxide. I can never quite lift the yellow from the root and I'm wondering if you could recommend a product as yours looks great. They used to be able to achieve it in the salon so I know it's possible!

    Thanks v much

    1. I use Wella Blondor lightening powder and Welloxon 6%. You should still have a little yellow but then just pop a silver shampoo on for 5 minutes to tone. xxx

    2. I use Wella Blondor lightening powder and Welloxon 6%. You should still have a little yellow but then just pop a silver shampoo on for 5 minutes to tone. xxx