Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Collection No Clumps Definition Mascara

Hello Lovely readers,


So today I wanted to tell you about this little gem that is the Collection No Clumps Mascara in Black My aunt picked up the tester and said you should get this one I like the look of its wand, now my aunt doesn't even wear make up so how she knew I'll never know. Maybe she's psychic or a closet makeup wearer!
I was in two minds because normally I end up stabbing myself in the eye with these sort of wands and thats never pleasant but it's only £2.99 so I thought what have I got to lose? Except an eye!
Like the name states it's doesn't make your lashes look clumpy but it still thickens and lengthens them and gives them perfect definition, this is obviously due to the applicator. The formula is equally as impressive - it doesn't crumble and when my eye voluntarily cry, which they do a lot I don't get mascara streaks down my face. The packagings not the greatest, the dodgy 'O' in the 'NO' reminds me of a 'No dogs allowed' sign but I'm willing to forgive Collection for this mishap because the product itself is so cheap. I would definitely repurchases this and I might go as far as saying that this may be my favourite mascara at the moment, so many I've tried have been a let down recently.

Stays put and doesn't crumble.
Amazing wand that you can get close to the roots with.
Easy to remove.
Give definition.
Thickens .
Dries quickly.
I only need to use one mascara.


Bald eyelashes before Mascara
After - 2 coats of mascara
Its currently on offer for £2.50 in Boots so I suggest you get yourself down there before they all sell out!

What's your favourite mascara? Have you tried this?
Sam xxx

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