Monday, 21 April 2014

Bleach London Rose Hair dye Review

So after being let down for the second time by the most awful hair salon I have ever had to deal with on Friday this happened. I was supposed to be having micro ring hair extensions done  - I have paid for them but they kept cancelling my appointment with only hours notice - I spent an hour searching for the hairdresser only to get a message on facebook when I got home basically saying my stylist has called in sick this is the second time - I'm just gonna have to let the money go because I can't keep booking days off and wasting money. It took up 3 hours of my morning - I was close to tears.  The worst thing is they know I still travelled
there because I left a message on there answer phone saying I couldn't find them (because they were shut) - now a person with morals would call me and apologise but that's terrible customers service for you - I can't express the guilt I would feel treating someone like this. I bought this serivice from Wowcher and I know that they still do deals with this Salon so please be careful girls I would hate for another person to be scammed by this awful place. I have complained to Woecher but haven't had a response and from the reviews I've read regarding there customer services - I'm not getting that money back.

So after all that happened I decided I still wanted to do something different and had a Bleach London hair dye in the colour Rose knocking about so I decide to pink myself up and here is the result -

Bleach London Rose

I applied the colour on dry hair all over making sure there was no bits missed, left it on for 30 mins then washed and conditioned as usual and voila this is what I was left with. Pretty easy eh?
I was also amazed at the colour of my bath -

Have you tried any of the Bleach London dyes? I have Awkward Peach and Bruised Violet to try too so look out for posts.

Sam xxx


  1. Sorry to hear about that Salon. At least you know never to use them! Your hair looks fab - I tried awkward peach out and recorded me doing it. It came out pink on my hair not peach, haha. Anyway, Bleach London are brilliant :D

    Saranne x

    1. They are amazing and it's last quite well - longer than any othe rpink I've ever put in my hair previously.

  2. Where can I find this product?

    1. Boots. I think you might be able to get it off of ebay too! xxx