Saturday, 23 May 2015

I heart makeup // Lip Lava

Makeup Revolution Lip Lava

I have used a few products from Makeup Revolution but these are the first product I have ever bought from it's sister brand I Heart Makeup. These 5 beautiful vibrant lip lava's cost £2.99 but can be purchased for just £11.96 if you buy all 5 at the same time on the Makeup Revolution website. If you're not very good at counting, that means a free lipstick girls!

Natural light (indoors) From left to right - Forgiven, Unleash, Tremor, Firestorm, Shockwave
This is not usually the sort of lip product that would float my boat because of it's initial glossy texture. Normally with glossy lip products, they are quite sheer and I'm more of a bold lip kinda gal! These are described as liquid lipsticks, so unlike a gloss these are very pigmented, especially the lighter shades. The applicator and formula work amazingly together because of the products sticky texture the applicator needs to be quite firm. You get the perfect amount of product too!
What I really love about these products is the colours - they are absolutely beautiful. I feel like I Heart Makeup definitely thought of everyone when they designed the shade range. 
Have you used any I Heart Makeup products? If so, what would you recommend?
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