Saturday, 23 May 2015

I heart makeup // Lip Lava

Makeup Revolution Lip Lava

I have used a few products from Makeup Revolution but these are the first product I have ever bought from it's sister brand I Heart Makeup. These 5 beautiful vibrant lip lava's cost £2.99 but can be purchased for just £11.96 if you buy all 5 at the same time on the Makeup Revolution website. If you're not very good at counting, that means a free lipstick girls!

Natural light (indoors) From left to right - Forgiven, Unleash, Tremor, Firestorm, Shockwave
This is not usually the sort of lip product that would float my boat because of it's initial glossy texture. Normally with glossy lip products, they are quite sheer and I'm more of a bold lip kinda gal! These are described as liquid lipsticks, so unlike a gloss these are very pigmented, especially the lighter shades. The applicator and formula work amazingly together because of the products sticky texture the applicator needs to be quite firm. You get the perfect amount of product too!
What I really love about these products is the colours - they are absolutely beautiful. I feel like I Heart Makeup definitely thought of everyone when they designed the shade range. 
Have you used any I Heart Makeup products? If so, what would you recommend?
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The Body Shop // Vitamin E Over Night Serum-in-Oil

The Body Shop Vitamin E Serum £13.00

I've tried a few serums but would often forget to use them, which tells me one thing - they wasn't doing very much for my skin.
Before I bought this serum I hadn't heard anything about it so it was a blind buy. What caught my eye was definitely the oil formula (and the pipette). All the serums I've used prior to this were cream or gel in consistency. 

The Body Shop say -
 "Wake up to beautiful skin with new Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, a technical innovation combining the power of a serum and oil to indulge, replenish and recharge skin with moisture overnight."

What I say -
This serum is a skin savior, after the very first use I knew that this was going to become a staple in my skincare routine. I wake up looking but not always feeling like I've had the most amazing 8hrs sleep just like the bottle suggests. Yesterday one of my clients said to me 'Sam, you have amazing skin' and while I've never had terrible skin, I wouldn't say it has ever been described as 'amazing' before. Since using this serum my skin looks brighter, plumper and smoother and it doesn't get tight at the end of the day like it used to.

The best method of application is a couple of drops onto the finger tips then patted into the skin. I tried it straight from the pipette onto the face and I was left looking like someone had chucked chip fat at me, it just wouldn't sink in. 
After I apply the serum I use the Embryolisse lait-crème concentré, they make a very good pair. 
You can also apply this in the morning if you have very dry skin, I have never tried as I worry it will cause my foundation to separate throughout the day. Although The Body Shop assure you it is fine to wear under make up. 

This little bottle of magic is definitely worth it's £13 price tag and although I don't have all skin types, I can't see why it's wouldn't work for everyone.
If you have dehydrated or dry skin that feels a bit merr then I would definiely give this a try. If you have tried this and it didn't work for you, please leave it in the comments so others can see you opinion on it too. 

What's your favourite skin care product?

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