Tuesday, 7 May 2013

How to leopard print nails...


Hope you've all had a lovely day, I thought I'd do a little nail tutorial today for anyone thats interested, I'm terrible with my nails so this is a pretty easy step by step.

These are the products that I used -

(From Left to Right)
Topshop Thread Bare
Andrea Fulerton Nail Art pen
Topshop Big Smoke

Paint your nails using your choice of colour, I used Big Smoke for this step and did 2 coats -

Take your next choice of colour (thread bare in my case) and dot it onto your nails  -

Then you basically draw around the dots, some completely, some semi circles like so -

then repeat on the rest of your nails, paint with any top coat and you're done.

This is the nib of the nail art pen if you were wondering -

Hope this was easy to follow, let me know what you thought?


Sunday, 5 May 2013

May Beauty Wishlist

My first Wishlist, I'll be lucky if I get one of these things this month but hey, that's why it's called a wishlist.

1. RiRi M.A.C Lipstick in RiRi woo - I want this so bad, I should have just bought it as soon as the email came through but I didn't and now it's out of stock. For those of you that don't know this is a lipstick collaboration between Rihanna and MAC. This is basically MAC's lipstick in shade Ruby woo but with a RiRi edge. Sounds fabulous to me as I wanted to try Ruby woo anyway. I love a red lipstick so much I have to many, probably won't wanna use this though. There's supposed to be more added to the collection at some point soon.

2. Clarisonic Mia pink plus system - My skin is so bad at the moment, it's very dull and dehydrated looking even though it's looked after, thing is I used to be horrible to my skin a face wipes was about the only thing I used and you know what it was good skin, when I thought let's take the skin care regime up a notch Sam you need to cleanse, tone and moisture, it started acting like a bitch. Hopefully one of these babies will sort it out, I've read mixed reviews about this though.

3.Maybelline Fit Me foundation in shade 110 - I haven't read many reviews about this foundation but I still want to try it, you never know it may become my go to base it's the shade adapting 'technology' that I'm drawn to as I'm pretty pasty, MAC NC/NW15 are to dark for me.

4. Elemis Tri-Enyzme resurfacing facial wash - Currently I'm using Elemis' rehydrating rosepetal cleanser, it's good stuff but it'd be nice to try something new, this doesn't take your make up off it's basically to use afterwards you've cleanse, it exfoliates your face but doesn't have them bits that scratch you in it.

5.  Elizabeth Ardens 8 hour cream - This is supposed to be a miracle cream that helps with blemishes and other various skin problems and that's why I want it.

6. Elemis Freshskin face serum - Elemis Freshskin is aimed at people in their teens and twenties, a lot of Elemis' products are for people with mature skin so I think it's brilliant they've brought out this line of products. I haven't used a face serum before and keep meaning to buy one and being a fan of Elemis I thought why not try this. Elemis products are very overlooked!

7. ELF Powder brush - This is always out of stock which is a little annoying, I've read it's quite dense therefore quite good for applying foundation. Hopefully one day when I visit the site they'll have it. Elf do email you if you want them to when a product is back in stock which is really good.

What's on your wishlist? Have you tried any of these products? 

Sam xxx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

MUA Waterproof Eyeliner in black

MUA Waterproof liquid eyeliner in black - Superdrug - £1 (bargain)

I must say MUA although a cheap makeup brand has some fabulous products, I buy them never really expecting much from the product but most of the time I'm pleasantly surprised and this is one of the products that impresses me.
I bought this eyeliner to draw on my face with at halloween cause it was cheap as chips, I didn't think it would become my favourite liquid liner but it has and I've tried a few, Rimmel Glam Eyes used to be a favourite, because of the brush but I bought it again recently and wasn't that fond of it at all. Now I have an issue with my lids, Please let me know if any of you have this problem? Whenever I apply liquid liner it tends to go this horrible translucent grey colour or transfers to just under my brow bone but with the MUA one it stays black, doesn't transfer anywhere and the brush is the perfect shape/size for application, thats all I ask for. I'm not saying this is perfect it does come with it faults like most stuff that being by the end of the day it may have cracked a little near where my tear ducts are and my flick would be but its never really obviously unless someone was up close studying my face and although its waterproof if I have a case of leaky eye syndrome my cat flicks end up running down my face. Let my tell you the pros and cons - 

Stays black
Doesn't transfer 
Easy to use, formular and applicator
Nice basic packaging 
Creates lovely winged liner look (snap to follow)
Easy to take off
Bargain £1, I'd happily pay more

Can crack a little by the end of the day
Not as waterproof as it says on the tin

This is what I mean by it cracks, this is an example of it after 9 hours at work and it is particularly bad.
What's your favourite Eyeliner? Have you tried this one? If so what did you think?

Sam xxx