Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Product of the month - Vichy Idealia BB Cream in Light

Vichy Idealia BB cream
Hey Girls and maybe Boys?!, 
Hope you're all having a lovely day. This is a little late or early depending on how you want to look at it because I've been loving this since I bought it in mid-August but I couldn't not write about it any longer.

I had wanted to try this BB cream after reading about it on Emtalks, but wasn't in a rush to go in search of it because to be honest I have enough base products to last me a decade (if there life span was that long of course). I've never used anything from Vichy before but have heard nothing but good things and I tend to love french skincare/makeup as they seem to know there stuff. Any french brands I have used have done nothing but what they say they will, which is what we all want from a product right?

Vichy Say this is "For women concerned with a grey and dull looking skin tone, uneven complexion and signs of ageing that can be accentuated by daily exposure to the sun. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin."

Blended out.
Before blended

BB creams worry me a little as some I've tried have sent my skin into meltdown and most are to dark for my transparent skin or offer no coverage what so ever and just end up making me look greasy. This BB cream is absolutely amazing though and I wish I had gone in search of it sooner as it would have served me well in the summer months when it was to hot to wear normal foundation. It doesn't have amazing coverage so if thats what you look for in a base this definitely isn't for you but what it does do is blur an imperfections and illuminate your face. It leaves you with such a beautiful glow! Any major blemishes or dark circles you have won't be covered but that is easily fixed with a little concealer. the formula is smooth and easy to blend and you don't need a massive amount, it has SPF25 which is a decent amount for some seasons but I'd prefer higher in the summer months. It smells amazing to me, quite sweet and sophisticated but we're not talking about a perfume here so I know that may be a problem for some people that are sensitive to smells.
There are only 2 shades available in this BB cream, light and medium. Light is brilliant for us very pale girls as it genuinely is quite pale but doesn't leave you with an ashy appearance like some other BB creams. Medium I don't own so can't say what the colour is like but the colour range isn't that great for darker skinned beauties which is a shame! Hopefully they bring out more shades.

This BB cream claims that it -
Smoothes wrinkles
Refines skin texture 
Reduces the appearance of dark spots 
Protects for the sun with SPF25 
Suits all skin types
It's also paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

I'd say this is the best BB cream that I've tried to date and theres been a few. I would definitely recommend it! They packagings cute too which is always a bonus and you get 40mls which is a decent amount of product. It would even be good as a primer with SPF if the coverage isn't enough for you! 
Definitely going to start looking into some of the other Vichy products now especially the Idealia range. This cost £21 from Boots (you get 84p back in boots points).

Can you recommend any Vichy Products? Whats your favourite BB cream? 

Sam xxx

Monday, 9 September 2013

New Shoes - Channelling my inner 5 year old........

ASOS - £35

Hello Lovelies,

If you're a shoe lover like myself then you'll know that there is nothing more exciting than getting a new pair, So I wanted to share the little beauties with you - I absolutely love these, they remind me of my primary school days. Even my Mum told me she'd wear these when I got them out the box and now thats a first cause my Mum thinks most of my shoes are disgusting. I do have a thing for what others would call an ugly shoe I can't lie. I'm definitely channeling my inner 5 year old, they are just too cute not too. I've been on the hunt for a pair this style for a while and yes there are a lot around but these were exactly what I had in mind. I'm even considering buying another pair just in case these fall apart before I'm ready to part with them.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

August Empties

Collections brow pencil in Blonde
This pencil didn't last very long but it did the trick of filling in my brow without making them to dark or to red. I'm still looking for something better though in pen form for them days when I'm in a rush.
Would I repurchase? Yes I already have.

L'oreal Micelle Water
This is my go to eye make up remover you can use it for the whole face but as it doesn't last very long as you have to soak a cotton pad in the stuff I tend to just use it on my eyes because it doesn't sting or leave me with cloudy vision.  It can be quite expensive but you can get it on offer in some place or another. It's very similar to Bioderma so if you are looking for an alternative as this is I highly recommend this as its much easier to get your hands on.
Would I repurchase? I already have.

Avene skin recovery cream
By far the best moisturiser I've ever used and it doesn't break me out. I've spoke more about this in my skincare post.
Would I repurchase? I already have.

St Moriz Tanning Spray 
This leaves you with such a gorgeous colour, its probably my favourite fake tan. It's a little messy but definitely worth it. I've had it since last year and only used it for the first time recently. Such a bargain too!
Would I  repurchase? As you've probably figured, I don't like to run out of things. So yes I already have!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Shampoo 
I didn't really rate this shampoo, my hair needed to be washed sooner than normal and it never really felt clean. It smells nice but that's about all I can say I like about the stuff.
Would I repurchase? Nope!

Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment
Although I didn't like the shampoo I do like this, it leaves your hair feeling silky soft and it smells amazing. Would I repurchase? Again I already have. Only because it was on a 3 for £12 deal at Boots though.

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in Light Porcelain 010
This is a very pale neutral/pink undertone foundation perfect for us pasty but it just doesn't have very much coverage. If my skins looking good, I could wear this but that just doesn't happen often so I tend to mix it with foundations that are to dark for me but have better coverage to lighten them up a bit. It's a good foundation for people with amazing skin.
Would I repurchase? Yeah probably but I'm not in any rush.

Have you tried any of these products?

Sam xxx