Monday, 19 May 2014

NOTD Blueberry Gelly Hi Shine

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Blueberry - Amazon

This is a very flattering blue indeed, I can't think of a skin tone this wouldn't compliment - it's the sort of shade that could go with any outfit as a pop of colour because it's a very muted blue. I'm in awe with this polish and am definitely going to be sporting it a lot this Spring/Summer. 
I can't recommend the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine enough. 

I pick this up from Amazon for £2.87 so over a pound cheaper than the normal £3.99 price tag. 

What's your favourite nail polish for Spring?  

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Sam xxx 

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Gelly Hi Shine Lips

 Barbie pink lip products are becoming my new red - they're taking over my collection and this one in 
particular seems to have my heart at the moment. It's easy to apply as it's thinner that the average lipstick pencil that are so popular at the moment. One coat of this and you have an opaque coverage, it smells amazing and is very long lasting.Another reason I love this is because it doesn't bleed and you don't need to use a lip liner so is easy for them days when you want a bold lip but need to get out the door because you haven't got 15 minutes to spend carefully applying lipstick. I'm not to sure where I'm gonna find a sharpener for this though, so if anybody knows where to get one leave it in the comments.

Have you tried one of the Gelly Hi Shine lip pencils? I want all the colours I think theres 5. What's your favourite lip product?

Sam xxx

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine £4.99 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Top 5 S/S Foundation for Dry/Dehrdrated Skin

Revlon Nearly Naked in Vanilla
Bourjois Healthymix Foundation in 51
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in Ivory
Bourjois CC Cream in 51
 Bourjois Healthymix Serum in 51
I didn't relise how much love I have for Bourjois base products until I started thinking about writing this post, it's probably because most of the have quite a dewy finish and work quite well with dry/dehydrated skin. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Serum are very similar to one another, both give a lovely glowy finish without making the skin look greasy. Both smell fruity in a pleasant way, not chemically at all. The only difference I would say is the coverage, the Foundation is medium buildable and the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum is light-meduim coverage. Neither of the foundations have SPF so Ii tend to use them with my Clinique City Block SPF40 - My only wish for this foundation would be a lighter shade as it is a tiny bit to dark for me. My other love from this brand is the Bourjois 123 Correct CC Cream - it's such a beautiful product again slightly to dark for me but nothing a little blending down the neck won't take care of. The coverage this product gives is quite impressive, you don't need perfect skin to begin with to waer this product like so many other CC/BB creams on the market at the moment. I would say this gives a light to meduim coverage and lasts all day on the skin - I've been reaching for this alot recently, particularly on them days that I am tried as it's fab for brightening up the skin.
Now the Revlon Nearly Naked is definitely my favourite of the 5, it blends seamlessly, looks just like skin and it's light weight so doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on the skin which is what you want when it's hot outside. It has the perfect amount of coverage witht one layer that's buildable for days your skin is looking a little grey and the colour is perfect for me. It lasts on the skin all day and doesn't need to be touched up, basically it's a dream. 
The Rimmel Match Perfection is one of my favourite all year round foundation , it's pretty basic and very cheap but I really like the finish it gives, the colour range is pretty impressive for paler girls, it can sometimes need touching up around the nose if it's to hot as it melts a little. I normally grab this if I can't be bothered to think about what makeup to wear. 

What's you favourite foundation? I saw todat that Rimmel now have a light porcelain shade in there Wake Me Up foundation, I can't wait to get my hands on it as I love the finish but the previous shades were all way to dark unless I fake tanned.

Sam xxx

Ps I would like to apologise for how skanky the bottles look - it's because of those pain in the arse stickersd they put on everything in Superdrug.

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Secret of Longer Lashes

Gosh The Secret to Longer Lashes - Superdrug

Gosh is a make up brand I never really paid much attention to until recently - it's wasn't anything I'd heard about the brand it just never really caught my eye, then about a month ago I pick this mascara up and I've fallen in love.
So this mascara makes the claim that your lashes will be longer within 2 weeks of using it, now I don't really believe in stuff like that so I haven't really been looking out for any extra length. It does make your eyelashes appear super long and thick without clumping together - isn't that the look we're all after?!
As I am quite fair naturally so I tend to look like I have bald eyes when I'm not wearing mascara so one of the issue I face when applying mascara is trying to get it as close to the root as possible without jabbing myself in the eye or getting mascara all over the place - the bristle on the mascara wand are small enough for me to be able to avoid both of those things. It doesn't smurge or crumble and it's easy to remove. As for the packaging I think it looks very sleek and grown up. I would definitely recommend this mascara, If you're someone that likes thick clumpy lashes I would avoid this as I don't think the formula has it in it to achieve that sort of look.

Have you tried any of the Gosh Products? What's your favourite mascara?

Sam xxx

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bargain Buy // Loud Running Shoes

Nike Dual Fusion £29.99

For forever I have been meaning to buy some running shoes (because for forever I have been meaning to start running) but always find something more fun to spend the cash on.
I found these babies yesterday for the Bargain price of £29.99, I couldn't believe my eyes when I picked them up and saw the price tag - they wasn't even on sale. About 10 minutes before I had been eyeing up a similar pair in JD sports for £52. So if you're after some running shoes get yourself down to your local Decatholon. They're very loud and I bought some matching sports vests to co-ordinate so people are not gonna be able to miss me basically - they are super comfortable and lightweight too. I bought myself an app called Get Running that trains you gradually over the course of 9 weeks to be able to run for half an hour, running for a minute at the moment is a struggling so I've really got my work cut out for me. My 9 week journey started to today - the app is trully amazing as it allows you to listen to music while it's telling you when to stop, start, ect. I highly recommend it if you're wanting to get into to running - I think I paid £1.69 for it. If you don't want to pay you can get the Couch to 5K podcasts for free and it's basically the same thing only you can't listen to musis at the same time.

Sam xxx

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Makeup Revolution // Lips

I'm guessing most of you have heard the hype surrounding this brand - I went a little crazy on there website over the easter weekend and managed to buy 28 items this totalled to £56 with free tracked Royal mail postage which is an absolute bargain. So far I have been very impressed. The most expensive item on the website costs £12 and the cheapest just £1. These are soon to be stocked in Superdrug and they are currently being sold on there website so shouold be pretty easy to get your hands on if you're not one for shopping online. Here are some of the lip products that I purchase and what I think of them.

The £1 Lipsticks

 These lipsticks are such a bargain for the quality of them, when you spend a pound on a lipstick you normally expect it to be shit when it comes to the pigment department but this has amazing colour pay off, it's also very creamy and non drying which is a must for me because my lips get a bit on the dry side. These don't cake either, they just give you a rather lovely satin finish You really can't go wrong with these! My only critisism would be that the lid is not very secure so putting it in your bag is a bit of a gamble. Here are some swatches of the colours I bought. Rebel with Cause is supposed to be a dupe for MAC's Rebel and I'm pretty sure Lady Is a Dupe for MAC's Lady Danger 

(From L-R) Rebel With Cause, 100% Vamp, Immoral, Crime, Depraved, Lady

 Salvation Intense/Velvet Laquer

So this is a combination of the Salvation Velvet Laquers and the Salvation Intense Laquers, starting with the Velvets the 2 colours I have are Keep Crying For You and What I Believe - I am absolutely in love with What I Believe it's the most perfect nude for pale girls, this version of the Salvation Laquers are also very pigmented and apply opaque after 1 coat they go on like a gloss and then dry after about a minute to a matte finish very similar to the LimeCrime Velour lips. 
I wouldn't say this product dries my lips out but it is very dry as all products of this nature are - my only complaint with this is that you can't really touch up as it will cake so you have to take it off and completely re-apply - although I've only had to do this when I have been drinking hot drinks because other than when drinking hot drinks this has amazing lasting power. 
The Intense laquers are great I'm not really into gloss because I hate how sticky they are but this feels more like a glossy balm - the pigment of them again are brilliant and I can really say anything negative about this version - it lasts as long as most glosses do which is not very long. I can see myself reaching for these quite alot. 
(From L-R) Intense - Gave You All My Love, Didn't I Tell You
Velvets - Keep Crying For You, What I Believe.

I have also bought some other bits from Makeup Revolution but I'm going to do them in sections otherwise this post would have been way to long and you would've got bored, next up is face products. You can visit their website here

Have you tried any products from Makeup Revolution? If so what would you recommend?

Hope you're all having an amazing sunday! 

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